It’s a product by Elettróne,
specialized in the study of technologies for energy efficiency.

Smart and design home.

EBBY suits to any environment and enhances it
through increasingly technological functions,
like the voice command system that allows you to interact
with EBBY with a few simple words.

Better energy quality.

Stabilizing tension and eliminating peaks,
EBBY acts as filter between the energy supplier
and the entire domestic or business system.

The electrical system on your smartphone

EBBY monitors energy thousands of times per
second. Wherever you are, you can analyze
in real time your home efficiency and any
malfunctions of the electrical system.

Extends the life of appliances and devices.

EBBY increases life of all electronic devices
connected to the system: they work in full
efficiency, consume less and are less
subject to breakdowns.

Quick and safe installation.

Our specialized technicians will install
EBBY at your place in a very short time,
without damaging your system and in
absolute security.

For a technological and
very green home.


Take care of the most important thing you have.

All the energy you need,
without waste.


Secured by Microsoft Azure Sphere.



EBBY’s design was developed in collaboration
with Studio Lissoni Associati.



54 x 34 x 7,5 cm
Aluminium frame



EBBY is suitable for systems from 5 to
10 kW. Suits for photovoltaics too.