EBBY is the made in Italy home assistant that reduces energy waste,
protects appliances and increases environmental sustainability
in private homes and small businesses.

  • Compatible with Google Home and Alexa
  • Consumption monitoring through the Web App
  • Led
  • Secured by Microsoft Azure Sphere
  • Dehn Technology

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Additional Information
Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 34 × 7.5 × 54 cm
Choose the model

10kw, 5kw

Choose the installation

Basic installation, No installation, Personalized installation

Which is the right model for me?

We help you understand which version of EBBY is the most suitable for your needs.

(disponibile solo con EBBY TT)

Scelgo EBBY TT 3.3kw se:
• Ho una casa di piccole dimensioni (come monolocali, bilocali, trilocali…);
• Non ho un impianto fotovoltaico;
• Il mio contatore ha una potenza installata di 3kW;


I choose EBBY 5kw if…
• My power meter has an installed capacity between 3 and 5 kw;
• I have a photovoltaic system with a 3 kw power meter;
• I live in an apartment or in a terraced house;


I choose EBBY 10kw if:
• My meter has an installed capacity between 5 and 10 kw (single phase);
• I have a single-phase photovoltaic system and a 5kw power meter;
• I live in a villa, a house…;

Which installation should I choose?

After choosing the model, we’ll help you understand which installation
is the most suitable for your home or office

Without installation

I can autonomously install EBBY because I have a certified electrician who can issue a declaration of conformity.

Standard installation

My electrical switchboard is located inside and I want to install EBBY on the same wall.

Customized installation

• I prefer to install EBBY indoors, but away from the electrical switchboard;
• I am undecided on where to install EBBY and I want an inspection to be made to get professional advice.

Send your request.