What is EBBY?

EBBY is the innovative Personal Energy Manager that increases your home energy efficiency.

Why is it useful?

Power outages and electrical surges are usually the main causes of energy waste and electronic device failures and malfunctioning, which cause a significant and sometimes overlooked increase in costs.

Ebby increases your home energy efficiency, reducing energy waste.

What is it for?

EBBY reduces energy waste, consumption and failure rate, and extends the useful life of all the electronic devices connected to your electrical system, so that they are always fully efficient.

How does it work?

EBBY monitors energy thousands of times per second, stabilizes the voltage and smooths out spikes; it acts autonomously as a filter between the energy supplied by the Supplier and the electrical system.

You are in control of your electrical system through your smartphone.

Wherever you are, you can monitor your home energy efficiency in real time.

Is it ecological?

EBBY is a green choice, reducing CO2 production and technological waste.

Is it easy to use?

It adapts to any environment, interacting with a few simple words through a voice-controlled system; it can be installed in no time and in absolute safety.
EBBY is suitable for electrical systems from 5 to 10kW and also to PV modules.



EBBY design has been developed together
with Studio Lissoni Associati.



54 x 34 x 7,5 cm
Aluminum frame



EBBY is suitable for electrical systems
from 5 to 10kW and also to PV modules.

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