We bring the future into people’s homes, improving the quality of energy and reducing waste.
For the well being of us all and of the planet.

We can do this, by combining our experience and knowledge of the energy market, with Italian technology and a great attention to sustainability.

We have a team of dedicated partners who share with us not only our attitude towards research and development, but also the attention to people’s real needs, with an eye to aesthetics and design.

Elettróne is a company that specializes in energy efficiency technologies, born in June 2019.


It is the spin-off of Enrev, a fast growing company in the energy quality market, which has been operating for four years in this sector providing industries with energy efficiency solutions. Now thanks to Elettróne, its industrial technology can be adopted to develop new solutions also for private individuals and small businesses.

Our organizational structure is made up of a core team of experienced entrepreneurs and managers, with more than twenty highly skilled professionals.


We are inspired and united by the desire to allow people to fully enjoy the benefits of digital technology and smart energy use.
In the coming years, energy use will increase and we have not found yet a good compromise between environmental impact and massive distribution at a fair price.

We want to provide people with a new way of using energy thanks to EBBY, a smart energy management system that:


  • provides the information you need, when you need it;
  • contributes to reducing waste, extending the life of your electronic devices and appliances;
  • knows your habits and suggests personalized energy-saving behaviors.